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Curso em Bruxelas

Recebi hoje e-mail com o primeiro aviso do VIII curso de Segurança em Cosmética da Universidade de Vrije, na Bélgica. Iniciará no dia 30 de março de 2008.

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Key questions to be tackled by the Course :
􀀩 What are the current challenges in safety assessment of cosmetics in the EU?
􀀩 Which role does risk perception play in our society and how does it affect the cosmetic industry?
􀀩 What is the impact of REACH on the cosmetic industry?
􀀩 What are "validated" and "valid" alternative methods? What is their actual use and how to perform these tests?
􀀩 Which role does systemic toxicity testing play in the safety assessment of cosmetics?
􀀩 How to make a technical dossier for a finished cosmetic product according to the actual EU legislation?
􀀩 How to make a technical dossier for a cosmetic ingredient to be taken up in one of the positive lists (Annexes) of the EU Cosmetic Legislation?
􀀩 Can the process of risk assessment be improved by new methodologies?

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